The history of the Golf Club Cansiglio begins in 1955 when, some pioneers from Vittorio Veneto and surroundings, convinced by the enthusiasm of Dr. Ottavio Croze ( a real author of the growth of the game of golf in the Veneto region), managed to obtain from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry the granting of an area approximately 40 acres on the plateau of Cansiglio; area which presented morphological characteristics very similar to the Scottish links.

The original 9-hole course was designed by the architect John Harris, and the association was originally called “Golf Club Vittorio Veneto”. With the old resources , but also with a lot of effort and passion, the promoters were able to achieve the 9-hole course in just over two years. In 1958 the Golf Club was affiliated to the Italian Golf Federation (the 2nd oldest golf club of the Veneto region).

Captured by the beauty of the place and the game many new members started to join the club, especially in the 70s. Many were also the outside guests from various parts of Italy, that appreciated the technical characteristics of the course, the family management of the Club and the peace of the plateau.

Because ot the growing number of members and visitors, in the 90s, the course was expanded to 18 holes, designed by the architect Marco Croze.

Numerous competitions were held every year on the course. Among these, special mention has to go to the “Vittoria of Vittorio Veneto” , a national tournament that has been held continuously for over 40 years with the classic trophies of the “Victory of Samothrace”. Over time, this tournament saw the participation of a large number of national athletes.

From its origins to today, ten have been the presidents who have succeeded to the guide of the association:
1955-1960 Arturo Pasqualis
1961-1975 Ottavio Croze
1975-1984 Amedeo of Valentina
1985-1988 Giovanni Casagrande
1989-2000 Luigi Balbinot
2001-2001 Luciano Bortoletti
2002-2008 Gerardo Serena.
2009-2012 Paolo Bonelli

2013-2014 Margherita Camerin
Currently the president is architect Francesco Palma.

Many Club Professional worked at this awesome Club:
1955-1964 Fiorigi Girardi
1965-1967 Renzo Trentin
1968-1979 Ezio Pavan
1980-1994 Ugo Scafa
1989-1990 Amedeo Della Valentina Jr
1995-1995 Peter o’Connor

1996-2000 Giorgio Grillo
2001-2002 Marcello Barzan
2006-2007 Francesco Parisella
2003-2011 Matteo Da Rold
2012-2012 Marco Ceolin
Since 2013 the Head Professional is Andrea Signor

Only one, since the inauguration of the club in 1955, has been the green-keeper that still lends his valuable work at the Club: Franco Della Libera, iconic legend of the Club.